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If you subscribe to a popular magazine, you have likely taken a short sex quiz. Sex quizzes are very common among teenagers and adults. Most adults are very knowledgeable about sex. Nonetheless, sex quizzes provide a level of enjoyment and entertainment. There are a variety of sex quizzes available. These quizzes consist of a series of questions that measure different aspects of sex. Years ago, sex quizzes were simple. They simply measured a person’s knowledge about sex basics. Today, sex quizzes are very detailed and included questions that most people are embarrassed to answer.

A sex quiz may have some benefits. For example, teenagers may take a sex quiz located in popular magazines to differentiate fact and fiction. Although sex education is common in schools, some teenagers fall prey to sex myths and have little understanding on how their bodies work. Sex quizzes for teenagers ask general questions such as, “Can you get pregnant the first time having sex? Can you get pregnant if a guy pulls out before ejaculating? Can you get a STD from oral sex? Sex quizzes of this sort are not intended to provide teenagers with too much information. Their sole purpose is to educate and clear misconceptions.

A sex quiz is also ideal for helping a person determine whether they are ready for sex offering them sex advice on many situations someone may find themselves in. Quizzes of this nature may consist of probing questions pertaining to birth control and sexually transmitted diseases. A sex quiz calculates a person’s readiness for sex based on their knowledge of protecting themselves from pregnancy and diseases such as HIV and AIDS. Adult sex quizzes includes very detail questions. These questions are geared toward helping adults identify their sexual personality. Are they passive? Aggressive? Risky? Adventurous? For the most part, sex quizzes are pure entertainment. Nonetheless, they can reveal some very interesting facts about our sexual nature.

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