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Quiz questions are ideal for finding answers on a variety of topics. When people think of quiz questions, they likely envision a multiple choice test that is common in school. However, quizzes can take many forms. For example, many adults and teenagers enjoy fun quizzes that are designed to measure ones relationship style, IQ, or personality.

Lifestyle magazines generally include a series of quiz questions in each edition. Popular quizzes for women might include measuring relationship style, compatibility tests, and friendship tests. For the most part, these quizzes are taken for fun or entertainment. Nonetheless, some women may learn some interesting facts about themselves.

Online quiz questions for intelligence tests do not provide a fool proof IQ score. However, questions included on online IQ tests are very similar to official intelligence tests. These tests include questions pertaining to reading comprehension, math, sequence, and so forth. Again, these tests are for pure fun. Yet, they can provide some evidence about a person's IQ potential.

The Internet is loaded with many types of quiz questions. Some of these questions serve a useful purpose. For example, many teen websites include sex surveys or quizzes pertaining to sex and relationships. Although these are adult subjects, many teenagers are in so-called committed relationships and engage in sexual activity.

The purpose of sex and relationship quiz questions is to test a teenager's knowledge. Many pre-teens and teenagers fall victim to myths or rumors involving sex. Moreover, some teens are unsure whether they are ready to begin a sexual relationship. By answering basic sex questions, quizzes are highly successful with measuring ones knowledge and readiness on a particular subject. Teenagers and young adults who perform poorly on quizzes are likely not ready to begin a sexual relationship. Quizzes of this sort generally include a variety of true and false questions evaluating ones awareness of birth control, pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and so forth.

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