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Choosing a political party is difficult for a large percentage of the population. Some may routinely select the political views of their parents, or allow demographics to sway their decision. However, there are ways to choose a political party based on your own views and belief. Many people take a political quiz to help determine which party best suits their views. Understandably, some people are unfamiliar with political quizzes. Nonetheless, these quizzes are quite popular and are no different from quizzes that measure a person's personality or intelligence.

A political quiz can be taken online. The Internet is home to several types of quizzes. There are quizzes designed to measure intelligence, sexual preference, relationship style, love, and so forth. Most people enjoy quizzes for pure fun and entertainment. However, there is some truth to the results. Political quizzes ask a series of questions pertaining to various political issues. For the most part, questions are multiple choices. An example of a typical question might include, "What is your opinion regarding the death penalty? What is your belief about abortion? What is your opinion on homosexuality? What are your thoughts about a draft? On a political quiz, questions are followed by five possible responses. Each response reflects the view of one political party. Once completing the political quiz, scores will indicate a suitable political party.

Political quizzes are the most effective tool for helping individuals decide if their views are liberal or conservative. Liberals are individuals who believe in a free exchange of ideals. These persons generally accept everyone for their differences (race, sex, religion, etc.) Conservative views consist of chosen moral and social philosophies. For the most part, conservative individuals uphold traditional values. Of course, a political quiz may reveal that a person's political views are neither liberal nor conservative. Instead, a person may display a radical or neutral stand toward politics.

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