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Music quizzes are a fun way to fight boredom and increase your music knowledge. Many people enjoy listening to music. Music fanatics may be familiar with songs from different genres and periods. A music quiz includes questions or trivia for every aspect of music. A quick online search for “music quiz” will offer music lovers an exhausted list of sites with a range of quizzes. For the most part, music quizzes are free to enjoy. These sites are for pure entertainment, yet they are great for increasing ones knowledge of songs and lyrics.

There are music quiz games that are perfect for playing with a group of friends, or by yourself. Although many quizzes are found online, music quiz games are also available in the form of board games or trivia card games. When playing a music quiz game, players begin by selecting a music genre or music decade. A typical game might include listening to several song selections and guessing the song title and artist. To make the game more challenging, song instrumentals are played without the lyrics. This sort of game is perfect for guessing titles, or for singing along with the melody. If playing with a large group, music quiz games provide knee-slapping fun.

Music quiz games even include very detailed questions. These questions require great skill and a strong knowledge of songs. For example, the quiz may play a song selection and players are required to guess the song’s release year. Of course, quizzes of this nature are very difficult. To make the game easier, players can choose to only hear song from a particular decade. Music quiz games are also intended for classical music and jazz lovers. Instead of listening to song selections from popular artists, jazz and classical tunes are sampled, and players are asked to name the composer and title.

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