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Everyone needs some source of income. Unless born with a silver spoon, people seek employment that will allow them to afford necessities. Unfortunately, many people choose careers that do not suit their personality. Working a job you dislike is frustrating and miserable. On the other hand, choosing the perfect career path is difficult. Many people decide on a career based on yearly salaries and benefits. While a high paying position will provide a certain level of comfort, these jobs do not guarantee happiness. A job quiz is the perfect tool for narrowing down career choices. Through a series of questions, a job quiz will analyze a person's skills, hobbies, and personality to select a career that best matches their personality.

For the most part, a job quiz is free to complete online. There are several types of job quizzes. General quizzes are perfect for those without a career objective. On the other hand, there are job quizzes designed specifically for certain occupations. For example, a person may want a career in education, but are uncertain whether to pursue a classroom or administrative job. An education job quiz is effective with evaluating one's personality to measure if they can handle the stress of being a teacher and working with children.

Job seekers may also complete a job quiz at a career counseling center or online employment job bank. Career counselors are trained to assist with helping people choose a satisfying career. Counselors are knowledgeable of various occupations, and know which personalities best suit a particular occupation. A job quiz asks several questions. Are you a problem solver? Do you enjoy helping people? Are you a leader or a follower? What are your hobbies? In addition to helping people find a career match, quizzes also tests job seekers on their interviewing skills.

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