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A geography quiz is great for testing our geography knowledge. Geography is a popular school subject. Of course, those taking a geography quiz for a grade may not consider such test exciting. Geography is a very interesting subject that is generally offered in substitute of history. Many people are not knowledgeable about the location of certain countries and oceans. In fact, some adults cannot name all seven continents. A general knowledge of geography is very beneficial. Those who want to brush up on their geography may benefit by taking one of several online quizzes devoted to this subject.

A geography quiz may include insightful information about the entire globe. Of course, it may be beneficial to learn the basics of one country at a time. To begin, make it a goal to name all 50 states, or at least be able to identify them on a National Geographic Map. Next, set a goal to recite all 50 states along with their capitals. Become familiar with the mountainous regions and major rivers such as the Mississippi and Missouri River. Being able to identify state abbreviations, provinces of Canada, and the Caribbean islands is also beneficial.

An interactive geography quiz is very helpful. Instead of simply learning facts, you can put your knowledge to the test. Common geography questions are multiple choices, and may ask test takers to identify the capital of a state, a major province, or an ocean. Interactive quizzes also include maps, which provide a visual to enhance learning.

Online and computerized geography quizzes are great for helping students prepare for a test. Although most geography quizzes include information about the United States and North America, there are also quizzes that include questions about other continents and countries across the globe. A basic familiarity of geography is valuable and enhances ones knowledge of the world.

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