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Computer quizzes are intended to help adults and children learn basic computer skills. In this day and age, everything is computerized. Moreover, computers make it possible for us to pay bills, attend college courses, and research information. Those who are unfamiliar with computer functions are unable to take advantageous of new technology. Fortunately, there are several avenues for learning computer basics. Some people may invest in computer courses. Meanwhile, others may prefer taking a computer quiz to brush up on their knowledge. A computer quiz may also be taken after completing a crash course on computers.

Most employers consider computer experience a valuable skill. In fact, some job listings encourage all applicants to have extensive knowledge of computer operations and software. To ensure that a future applicant is qualified for a position, some employers insist that applicants successfully pass a computer quiz. The subject of a computer quiz may vary depending on the job. For example, individuals applying for an administrative position may need to fully comprehend word processing software, databases, and slide presentations. Moreover, those applying for a research position must know how to quickly navigate the Internet. A computer quiz is the best tool for helping an employer gauge an applicant's computer level.

A computer quiz may also be a source of entertainment. The Internet is home to several computer quizzes. For the most part, these quizzes cover the basics of computer hardware and software. However, they include different difficulty levels. For example, some quizzes are intended especially for young children. They ask simple questions such as, how do you re-start a computer? What does RAM stand for? What does WWW stand for? Individuals who take computer courses may benefit from completing an online computer quiz. These provide great study aids, and will help prepare students for tests.

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