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An art quiz is perfect for art lovers hoping to tests their knowledge, and for individuals who want to expand their knowledge of art. Many people enjoy art, and occasionally buy pieces to accent their homes. These individuals likely have an extensive knowledge of art and can easily recognize the work of famous artists. On the other hand, some art lovers enjoy art as a means of decorating and do not have much background knowledge. Regardless of ones level of expertise, an art quiz is fun and great for learning interesting tidbits about art.

There is a variety of art quizzes. A simple online search for "art quiz" will offer a long list of sites. Websites include art quizzes of varying difficulty levels. Novice art lovers may test their knowledge with a beginners quiz, whereas art connoisseurs may enjoy the challenge of completing an expert level art quiz. An art quiz may consist of true/false questions, multiple choice questions, or recognition questions. Recognition questions are more difficult. These questions involve viewing an art piece and identifying the artists and title. Recognizing the work of renowned artists such as Van Gogh or Picasso may be less challenging.

In addition to testing how much we know about art, an art quiz is beneficial for individual studying art. Art history is a popular college course that involves students learning about various aspects of art. This include past legendary artists, the origin of art, and so forth. Several online art quizzes focus on art history. These tests are free and make great study aids. Art quizzes cover several art periods. Art quizzes are ideal for studying because at the end of the examination, the test will provide the correct answers. Art students may print the answers and refer to the sample test when studying.

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